CNC Milling

With the recent addition of the Hurco VMX60SRTi the milling department has an impressive line up of machining centres, which includes two 5-axis machines and two 3-axis machines, to which a 4th axis can be added. Investment in tooling allows us to move the component from department to department for additional operations where necessary with greatly reduced setup times and minimum material wastage. As a result of these minimal setup times and high speed removal rates we are able to machine very accurate complex components at competitive prices. All the machines are networked allowing off line programming using our Visi CAD/CAM and Winmax software.

EDM Machining

The EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) process obtains the required feature by applying an electrical discharge (spark) to the work piece. This area of manufacturing uses different mediums to apply the electrical discharge and encompasses EDM Drilling;the use of a brass tube, EDM Wire erosion; brass wire and EDM Die Sinking; a copper electrode.

EDM Wire Erosion

Equipped with the four Sodick Linear technology machines that offer a greater surface finish at faster cutting rates, we are able to machine components weighing upto 3000kg and 500mm in height. The machines can cut using wire diameters from 0.1mm up to 0.3mm.

EDM Die Sinking

The latest machines offer improved removal rates combined with high surface finish and accuracy with round the clock running. We have huge experience in the difficult to spark materials.

EDM Hole Drilling

With the addition of the River 300 CNC EDM drilling machine and rotary indexer we now have greater flexibility. The hole drillers have extended heads and are able to drill larger parts using 0.3 to 6.35mm diameter tube.

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